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Moved To New Server

Published: 11/21/2014

I finally moved this blog to DigitalOcean . Cheaper than AWS and easier to work with.

I hope to create a second blog with a broader science and technology angle soon.

This blog still runs on a LAMP stack, but I have a second version written in node.js/express/redis but still not sure which one to use.

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What Time Is Tomorrow? Tales From The Time Zone

Published: 10/30/2014

If you ask most people when today becomes tomorrow, they generally answer midnight. It's like asking what time is the midnight buffet on a cruise ship; people look at you funny.

If you've ever dealt with business that crossed time zones, it's not funny at all.

At my previous job at a well-known travel company, sadly now taken over by our biggest rival, dealing with things happening in all parts of the world was always interesting.

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Everything Can't Be A Revolution

Published: 10/18/2014

Every time Apple releases something new you read articles where people decry that the new products aren't a revolution, that they didn't reinvent a whole category again.

Despite Apple being at the center of many revolutionary products in consumer technology in my lifetime no one would want to live in a world where everything was new all the time.

Imagine that each election would involve a whole new form of government. Or every time you buy a car it had a new number of wheels. Or you went into work to find the employees were all different, the company was in a radically new business, and your job had nothing to do with your skills. No one wants to live in such an unpredictable world.

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Macworld Show, I Remember It Well

Published: 10/15/2014

Sad to see that Macworld is no more. This was the one computer show I went to every year for nearly a decade.

In the early days of the Mac I spent a lot of time in booths and wandering around the show twice every year (and once three times). Both my first startup (where we sold Trapeze) and the second (where we helped build Persuasion and then Deltagraph for 5 years) kept me coming back continuously as an exhibitor or at least watching my work.

The show used to be in Boston in August and San Francisco in January; one year they tried a mini-show in Dallas so it was easy for us to go.

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I Am A Barbarian, Imprecisely

Published: 10/04/2014

Every time a company in the U.S. releases a "diversity" report I have to groan.

As a programmer this type of broad, poorly-defined concept is the bane of every programming project: the customer really doesn't know what they want so they toss out some vague description hoping it will somehow succeed. Then this vagary becomes a requirement that cannot ever be implemented to anyone's satisfaction.

For many reasons people insist that this statistic be carefully calculated, tabulated and reported in somber tones. The reality is that the numbers may as well be random given the imprecision of the definition of who we are.

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